Originally released as a U.S.-only compilation in 1987, the expansive 24-track Louder Than Bombs collects The Smiths' stray early singles, B-Sides, John Peel sessions and cuts from the 1984 U.K.-only compilation Hatful of Hollow. Featuring a wealth of material like the non-album singles "Sheila Take a Bow," "Shoplifters of the World Unite," "Panic," "Shakespeare's Sister" and "Ask" as well as B-sides that are virtually unavailable elsewhere in "Half a Person," "Stretch Out and Wait," Unloveable" and "Asleep," Louder Than Bombs is an essential and revelatory Smiths document reissued here on double 180g vinyl!



1. Is It Really So Strange? (B-Side, John Peel Session) 
2. Sheila Takes a Bow (Non-Album Single) 
3. Shoplifters of the World Unite (Non-Album Single) 
4. Sweet and Tender Hooligan (B-Side, John Peel Session) 
5. Half a Person (B-Side) 
6. London (B-Side) 
7. Panic (Non-Album Single) 
8. Girl Afraid (B-Side) 
9. Shakespeare's Sister (Non-Album Single) 
10. William, It Was Really Nothing (Non-Album Single) 
11. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby (B-Side) 
12. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (Non-Album Single)

1. Ask (Non-Album Single) 
2. Golden Lights (B-Side) 
3. Oscillate Wildly (B-Side) 
4. These Things Take Time (B-Side) 
5. Rubber Ring (B-Side) 
6. Back to the Old House (B-Side) 
7. Hand in Glove (Single Version) 
8. Stretch Out and Wait (B-Side) 
9. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (B-Side) 
10. This Night Has Opened My Eyes (John Peel Session) 
11. Unloveable (B-Side) 
12. Asleep (B-Side)

The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs

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