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Between 1962 and 1970, The Beatles released 27 No. 1 hit singles in the U.S. and the U.K. In 2000, these timeless songs were collected for The Beatles 1, which topped the charts in 35 countries and became that decade’s bestselling album worldwide, shipping over 31 million copies. It was and remains to this day a most emphatic introduction to and collection of The Beatles' career-spanning dominance of pop music through the 1960's.

"The Beatles work was always impeccable. Those four young men, John, Paul, George and Ringo, broke so many records and so many barriers and they will be remembered for being the most significant music creators of the twentieth century. This collection of number ones is taken from the most widely circulated charts in the UK (Record Retailer) and the USA (Billboard).

"Looking through the list of songs brings back so many memories for me. My first thought was about 'Love Me Do' - our first single. To begin with nobody wanted to know, even in our own record company. But after a lot of hard work it entered the Top 20 in the UK, and in the States it later reached number one. From then on John and Paul seemed to burst with inspiration. Those early songs were so fresh and sparkling, always surprising and delighting me with each new offering.

"Never did they fall back on cliche or a rehash of an earlier success. Each one was a gem. Before long their worked spurred George into writing great material too, like the classic ballad 'Something'. It barely took eight years to cover this collection - 'Love Me Do' to 'The Long and Winding Road' - but it was a lifetime in the world of rock and roll. A wonderful collection, and wonderful for me to have been there." - George Martin



1. Love Me Do 
2. From Me to You 
3. She Loves You 
4. I Want to Hold Your Hand 
5. Can't Buy Me Love 
6. A Hard Day's Night 
7. I Feel Fine 
8. Eight Days a Week 
9. Ticket to Ride 
10. Help! 
11. Yesterday 
12. Day Tripper 
13. We Can Work It Out 
14. Paperback Writer 
15. Yellow Submarine 
16. Eleanor Rigby

1. Penny Lane 
2. All You Need Is Love 
3. Hello Goodbye 
4. Lady Madonna 
5. Hey Jude 
6. Get Back 
7. The Ballad of John & Yoko 
8. Something 
9. Come Together 
10. Let It Be 
11. The Long and Winding Road

The Beatles - 1 2LP

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