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1977's Taken By Force was Scorpions' last studio effort with lead guitarist Uli Roth and the first with new drummer Herman Rarebell. The album is chock full of classic Scorpions fare including the live show stopper "We'll Burn The Sky"; Roth's "I've Got To Be Free," a high energy and hard driving piece with great riffs; "He's A Woman She's A Man," with its ultra heavy riffs and catchy chorus; the too often overlooked "Your Light," that grooves like a Motown production; and the ballad "Born To Touch Your Feelings" which displays the romantic side of the group. Although musical differences between Roth and the rest of band had already come to a head during the recording process, Taken By Force proved to be yet another fascinating and flawless album from the Scorpions camp. It's an exquisite climax to the Uli Roth era and a work that would have a significant impact on the future development of heavy metal.




  1. Steamrock Fever
  2. We'll Burn The Sky
  3. I've Got To Be Free
  4. The Riot Of Your Time
  5. The Sails Of Charon
  6. Your Light
  7. He's A Woman - She's A Man
  8. Born To Touch Your Feelings

Scorpions - Taken By Force (50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 180g LP)

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