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A1    Sasha Sloan–    Me Again
A2    Sasha Sloan–    Cowboys Cry
A3    Sasha Sloan–    Kids
A4    Sasha Sloan–    Glad You Did
A5    Sasha Sloan–    Oxygen Mask
A6    Sasha Sloan–    Highlights
A7    Sasha Sloan, Ruston Kelly–    Falling Out Of Like
B8    Sasha Sloan–    Tiny’s Song (Demo)
B9    Sasha Sloan–    Deep
B10    Sasha Sloan–    Only You Can
B11    Sasha Sloan–    Don’t Laugh I’ll Cry
B12    Sasha Sloan–    Good Enough
B13    Sasha Sloan–    Picked First

Sasha Sloan – Me Again LP

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