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Imagine a classically trained female singer-songwriter-pianist for The Strokes generation. Imagine a Björk of the Bronx. Imagine a driven, complex and endearing artist with a sense of pop melody and clever songwriting, and with charisma to spare. Regina Spektor's breakout 2004 album Soviet Kitsch proved to be all these things, earning praise from tastemakers far and wide along the way. But the Russian-born, Bronx-bred Spektor, who emerged from the NYC cafi circuit, continued to expand her idiosyncratic vision even further yet on its equally as impressive 2006 follow-up Begin To Hope. Produced by David Kahne (The Strokes, Sublime, Sugar Ray), she broadened her unparalleled palette here with electric guitar, drum machines and seductive electronic loops, finding new canvases for her provocative vocal style. Hope for pop truly arrived with Regina Spektor.



1. Fidelity
2. Better
3. Samson
4. On The Radio
5. Field Below
6. Hotel Song
7. Après Moi
8. 20 Years Of Snow
9. That Time
10. Edit
11. Lady
12. Summer In The City

Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope (LP)

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