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Pere Ubu's earliest releases in the late ‘70s upended punk rock's simplistic howl. It rewrote Dylan's paranoid visions of cold war and political intrigue and introduced a band that would transcend genres and rewrite the theory of rock music, ripping up the plan and re-collaging it as they saw fit in subsequent years. Formed in 1975, their early incarnations were captured a decade later on the seminal Terminal Tower, an 11-track compilation that brought together their early 45s and flipsides.




  1. Heart Of Darkness
  2. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo
  3. Final Solution
  4. Cloud 149
  5. Untitled
  6. My Dark Ages
  7. Heaven
  8. Humor Me
  9. The Book Is On The Table
  10. Not Happy
  11. Lonesome Cowboy Dave

Pere Ubu - Terminal Tower, An Archival Collection (LP)

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