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Director Jeff Tremaine's (Jackass co-creator) 2019 dramatization of Mötley Crüe's best-selling 2001 autobiography The Dirt follows the band's anarchy-fueled rise from musical misfits to heavy metal demigods. The accompanying 18-song soundtrack was mastered by Grammy winner, Dave Donnelly and features a collection of Mötley Crüe classics that meaningfully underscore significant moments that shape the film. 

The album includes 14 fan-favorites and chart topping tracks such as "Dr. Feelgood" that charted at No. 6 on Billboard's Hot 100 and the anthemic "Girls, Girls, Girls" which reached No. 2 on Billboard's Top 200 amongst others. Additional hits featured are "Kickstart My Heart," "Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)," "Shout At The Devil" and the iconic ballad, "Home Sweet Home" that landed the band mainstream recognition. Mötley Crüe also recorded four exclusive new songs for soundtrack including "The Dirt (Est. 1981)" (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) with effortless rap verses surrounding signature guitar riffs. The three remaining songs conclude the album with the catchy "Ride With The Devil," "Crash And Burn" and the band's own spin on Madonna's, "Like A Virgin."

"During the filming of our movie we got excited and inspired to write new music," explains Nikki Sixx. "Getting back in the studio with Bob Rock just fueled the creative fires for us. To me, the music sounds like classic Mötley. The lyrics were written for the movie and are a reflection of our life."




1. The Dirt (Est. 1981) (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
2. Red Hot
3. On With The Show
4. Live Wire
5. Merry-Go-Round
6. Take Me To The Top
7. Piece Of Your Action
8. Shout At The Devil
9. Looks That Kill
10. Too Young To Fall In Love
11. Home Sweet Home
12. Girls, Girls, Girls
13. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
14. Kickstart My Heart
15. Dr. Feelgood
16. Ride With The Devil
17. Crash And Burn
18. Like A Virgin

Motley Crue- The Dirt (OST- 2 LP)

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