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Timed to coincide with a short run of European and U.K. dates of Michael Schenker Fest Tour in late October / early November 2017, newly independent Chrysalis Records releases heavyweight 180g vinyl editions of the Michael Schenker Group's four classic albums Michael Schenker Group (1980), MSG (1981), Assault Attack (1982) and Built To Destroy (1983). The Michael Schenker Fest tour then reconvenes in the U.S. for a 20 date run during in March 2018. It will feature original vocalists from these four classic albums: Gary Barden and Graham Bonnet.

It goes without saying, that the legendary and award-winning guitarist Michael Schenker has led a truly amazing rock 'n' roll life. Getting off to a flying start, from 1969 to 1973 he played with his brother Rudolf Schenker in Germany's most successful rock band, the Scorpions. It was Rudolf who introduced him to the Gibson Flying V. When the Scorpions supported the British hard rock outfit UFO, Michael had the opportunity to switch bands. For six years, Michael was a driving force behind the UFO sound. Some of his earliest compositions such as "Rock Bottom" and "Doctor Doctor" have become timeless rock classics.

After his departure from UFO in 1979, he briefly returned to the Scorpions to record their legendary Lovedrive album, before deciding it was time to go solo. Enter the Michael Schenker Group. The first two albums became instant classics: The Michael Schenker Group and MSG contained songs like "Into The Arena," "Armed And Ready," "Ready To Rock" and "Attack Of The Mad Axeman" – all of which have become standards at Schenker's concerts. Assault Attack and Built to Destroy continued the band's winning streak with the former debuting Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet and featuring production from Martin Birch, and the latter marking the return of Gary Barden and serving as the group's final release for over a decade.




  1. Ready To Rock
  2. Attack Of The Mad Axeman
  3. On And On
  4. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
  5. But I Want More
  6. Never Trust A Stranger
  7. Looking For Love
  8. Secondary Motion

Michael Schenker Group - MSG (LP)

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