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Originally released in 2003, St. Anger is Metallica's eighth studio album and first since 1997's ReLoad. They may have a new outlook and a new bass player here, but one thing about Metallica will forever remain unchanged, they are still one of the biggest and baddest rock bands in the world!

With longtime producer Bob Rock at the helm, lyrics for St. Anger were written by all of the band members, songwriting was shared and the performances were off the cuff, spontaneous and a 180 degree turn from the months of meticulous fine-tuning which had become a part of the Metallica recording process in the past.

The results are heavy, intense, and more than reaffirmed Metallica's place at the top of metal heap where they belong. St. Anger is a raw, feral, unrestrained slab of molten Metallica stuffed with abrasion, aggression and the overspill of four years of excitement, anger, frustration and ultimate fruition.

As drummer Lars Ulrich puts it, "If you're looking for ballads on this record, you'll be looking for a long, long time."




1. Frantic
2. St. Anger
3. Some Kind of Monster
4. Dirty Window
5. Invisible Kid
6. My World

1. Shoot Me Again
2. Sweet Amber
3. The Unnamed Feeling
4. Purify
5. All Within My Hands

Metallica - St. Anger 2LP

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