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With FrootMarina And The Diamonds' first new noise since the death of alter-ego Electra Heart in 2013, Marina Diamandis has made a grand statement of intent. It's a cathartic rebirth in nearly every way, and sees her veer away from the last LP's stylistic and thematic intentions, instead returning to basics for a new chapter in her career and life. Electra Heart saw Diamandis enter the Top 40 across Europe and chart impressively worldwide – perhaps most notably, scoring herself a nice entry in the Billboard 200 in the US and also taking the coveted top spot in the UK. 


But pretending to be an entirely different person for a lengthy period of time took its toll – creatively, Diamandis had no desire to replicate that. “As soon as I'd finished the record and “Primadonna” came out, I already knew what I wanted to do with my third record. I knew it was going to be completely different,” she says. “I was really grateful for the experiences and opportunities that Electra Heart gave me, but I will never do it again. It was very early on that I understood that.” 




1.  Happy

2.  Froot

3.  I'm A Ruin

4.  Blue

5.  Forget

6.  Gold

7.  Can't Pin Me Down

8.  Solitaire

9.  Better Than That

10. Weeds

11. Savages

12. Immortal

Marina and The Diamonds - Froot..(Bonus CD, 2PC) (L.P.)

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