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In Between Dreams marks Jack Johnson’s third album and is his most musically upbeat yet, no doubt inspired by the delight of becoming a father. However, as we have come to expect from Jack, he never lets his emotions boil over; he's so laid-back it's hard to tell when he's worked up. With his laidback grooves and hooks, it's easy to forget your own worries and ease away the stresses of the day with the comfortable knowledge that you're in the hands of a songwriting master. Beautifully recorded and masterfully written, In Between Dreams is a must have for Jack Johnson fans, or anyone that just needs to take a break from the bustle of everyday life, settle into a hammock and drift away.

1. Better Together        
2. Never Know        
3. Banana Pancakes        
4. Good People        
5. No Other Way        
6. Sitting, Waiting, Wishing        
7. Staple It Together        
8. Situations        
9. Crying Shame        
10. If I Could        
11. Breakdown        
12. Belle        
13. Do You Remember        
14. Constellations

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams LP

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