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Improve your vinyl audio reprodcution by Isolating your turntable from vibration and noise. 


-Improves Audio Quality

-Reduces Distortion

-Absorbs up to 94.7% of Vibration

-Trusted by Audio Professional for Decades

-Comes in Black or Orange 

-3mm or 6mm thick

-Made in the USA


For decades Sorbothane has been trusted by the world's leading audio professionals. It has been applied at every stage of audio production, recording, and playback to improve the quality of sound. Isolate IT! Sorbothane Turntable Slipmats are designed to out-perform every other mat on the market.


The unique visco-elastic properties of Sorbothane have long been recognized as a superior way to absorb and damp vibrations and energy. In many applications, Sorbothane is capable of absorbing up to 94.7% of vibration energy.


As a result, you'll find it used in the world's leading laboratories, sound studios, high-end devices, spacecraft, and high-performance vehicles. 

Now you can add an extra level of protection and sound clarity to your vinyl record turntable with these specially designed Sorbothane slipmats. They are simple to install; simply removed the existing slipmat, replace with the Isolate IT slipmat, and check your turntable adjustment.


That's all it takes to experience some of the clearest and cleanest audio. Each mat features a recessed label area in the center to protect your record labels. The surface of the mat has a subtle texture to help it make excellent contact while also making switching records quick and easy. This special formulation of 55 Durometer Sorbothane is safe on all vinyl records. 


Available in 3mm (standard) and 6mm (premium) thicknesses. The 3mm mat easily replaces most standard slipmats and is recommended on turntables without tonearm height adjustment. The 6mm mat provides exceptional audio clarity for the most demanding listeners. Both are available in our flagship Isolate IT! orange and discreet black color options. 


We recommend using this product in conjunction with our Isolate IT! Urethane Coated Sorbothane Hemispheres under your turntable, amps, subs, speakers and other equipment to provide ultimate protection and clarity throughout your entire system. 


Made in the USA

Isolate It! Sorbothane AudioPhile Grade Turntable Slipmat

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