Insane Clown Posse's gold-certified second Joker's card from the first deck, 1994's The Ringmaster, available on vinyl for the very first time! "The Ringmaster was where the Joker cards became a little more clear," explains Violent J. "The Ringmaster is a beast that you have to fight when you die. And the size of that beast is based upon how you've lived your life. Sins you've done make the Ringmaster larger and more deadly; and the good things you've done, the peaceful ways you've lived your life, make it weaker and smaller. The question is, when you die and you have to face your Ringmaster, would you be able to defeat him? Or would he just crush you or dominate you?" "ICP's second album steers the screeching chaos of Carnival of Carnage toward the funky silliness of mid-'90s backpack rap, with acidic nods toward Memphis' then-burgeoning horrorcore sound" (Willamette Week).




  1. Wax Museum
  2. Murder Go Round
  3. Chicken Huntin'
  4. Mr. Johnson's Head
  5. Southwest Song
  6. Get Off Me, Dog!
  7. Who Asked You
  8. The Dead One
  9. My Fun House
  10. For The Maggots
  11. Wagon Wagon
  12. The Loons
  13. Love Song
  14. Bugz On My Nugz
  15. House Of Mirrors
  16. Ringmaster's Word

Insane Clown Posse - Ringmaster

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