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Dave Grohl's Play is a new two-part mini-documentary and corresponding recording featuring a 23-minute original composition written and filmed by the Foo Fighters frontman in which he plays no fewer than seven instruments. Directed by Grohl with assistance from Sound City and Sonic Highways collaborator Mark MonroePlay is a celebration "of the rewards and challenges of a life dedicated to playing and mastering a musical instrument."


The entire song was played by Grohl, each time on a different instrument, live for 23 minutes. Beginning with the recording of the entire drum track purely from memory, with no sheet music or guide tracks, followed by guitar, then bass, then keyboards, and so on...Grohl tasked himself with a one-man-band recording session that was forced to start from the very beginning of the 23-minute song any time the slightest mistake was made or if Grohl felt he could do a better take.




  1. Play

Dave Grohl - Play (LP)

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