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2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, 




15 Mar 2019


Electronic, Hip Hop, Classical


Downtempo, Ambient, Electro


A1 Into the Spider-Verse  
A2 Only One Spider-Man  
A3 Visions Brooklyn 1, 2, 3  
A4 Security Guard  
A5 Comic Book  
A6 Green Goblin Fight  
A7 The Amazing Spider-Man  
A8 The Collider  
A9 Destiny  
A10 Escape the Subway  
A11 Mi Amor  
B1 Spider Training  
B2 Rest in Peace  
B3 My Name is.. Peter B. Parker  
B4 For the Love of MJ  
B5 Peter Enters the Spider-Verse  
B6 Cemetery Splat  
B7 Catch the S Train  
B8 Quantum Physics  
B9 Gimme the Goober  
B10 Alchemax Infiltration Plan  
B11 Alchemax Arrival  
B12 Spider-Man Science  
B13 Take the Computer and Run  
C1 Are You Ready to Swing?  
C2 Kingpin Clicks  
C3 Aunt May and the Spider-Shed  
C4 The Prowler  
C5 Breakdown the House..  
C6 .. and Tear off the Roof  
C7 On Your Way  
C8 This Spark in You  
C9 Spider-Team Mission  
D1 Suicide Squad  
D2 Miles Morales Returns  
D3 Saying Goodbye  
D4 Shut it Down  
D5 Kingpin Fight  
D6 Shoulder Touch  
D7 Aftermath  
D8 Spider-Man Loves You


Daniel Pemberton ‎– Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse (Original Score)

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