Hell Freezes Over Now in Eagles Legacy Box Set

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Hell has finally frozen over!

Eagles Legacy Box Set

After more than two decades, Hell Freezes Over is now back on vinyl (officially). Eagles‘ Hell Freezes Over came out on vinyl in 1994. Right at the time when the vinyl format is at its dying state. It was released in Europe in very limited quantity. That's why when vinyl came back recently; available copies are rarer than a virgin in a whorehouse.

Hence, the price went up to the tune of PHP20,000 and even higher, and that's if you can find one.

Few unofficial releases sporadically appear somewhere, but the sound quality is sometimes questionable. Be that as it may, fans took it and kept it while waiting for the real one to come out.

Thanks to the Eagles for finally deciding to release it on vinyl officially.

Eagles Hell Freezes Over

The only hassle is its only included in their Legacy box set. I, however, believe that since it was already remastered for vinyl, it is just a matter of time for it to come out on vinyl.

Legacy is the Eagles 11th compilation album. It's coming out on November 2, 2018. The box set album will feature all seven of their studio albums together for the first time, plus their three live albums along with two concert films and a Singles and B-Sides collection that includes ten tracks.

Two versions are going to be available: The CD box set contains 12 discs, including their studio and live catalog plus the Hell Freezes Over concert DVD and Farewell Tour: Live From Melbourne show on Blu-ray. The vinyl edition features 15 LPs that includes that freakin' HFO.

We can expect this release of HFO to sound great as no other than Grammy-winning producer Bob Ludwig remastered Hell Freezes Over and Millennium Concert especially for this release. Both albums – along with several tracks from the Singles and B-Sides compilation – are being released on vinyl for the first time as part of this collection. Another landmark release included in this box set is the return of the double album- Eagles Live on vinyl which was out of print for ages.


Eagles (1972) Desperado (1973) On The Border (1974) One of These Nights (1975) Hotel California (1976) The Long Run (1979) Eagles Live (1980) Hell Freezes Over (1994) Millennium Concert (2000) Long Road Out of Eden (2007) Single and B-Sides (2018) 1. “Take It Easy” (Single Version) 2. “Get You In The Mood” (Non-LP B Side) 3. “Outlaw Man” (Single Version) 4. “Best Of My Love” (Single Version) 5. “One Of These Nights” (Single Edit) 6. “Lyin’ Eyes” (Single Edit) 7. “Take It To The Limit” (Single Edit) 8. “Please Come Home For Christmas” 9. “Funky New Year” 10. “Hole In The World”

DVD: Hell Freezes Over (1994) Blu-ray: Farewell Tour: Live From Melbourne (2005)


Eagles (1972) Desperado (1973) On The Border (1974) One of These Nights (1975) Hotel California (1976) The Long Run (1979) Eagles Live – Double LP (1980) Hell Freezes Over – Double LP (1994) Millennium Concert – Double LP (2000) Long Road Out of Eden – Double LP (2007) Single and B-Sides (2018)

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