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Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018 serves as the sequel to The Cure's 1990 remix album, Mixed Up. By choosing favorite songs rather than the usual singles, one of Robert Smith's objectives was to illustrate the variety of the Cure catalogue, and by October of 2017 working on songs in chronological release order, he had remixed entirely the 16 songs that appear on Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018. For the Torn Down cover, Smith decided on a self-portrait painted in oils during the summer of 1990 which was originally intended as the sleeve for Mixed Up. He chose Torn Down as the title inspired by the way he had "torn down" "Never Enough," stripping the song back to resemble his original 1990 PhaseAGE demo. "I felt it was a good way to bring the project back full a Mixed Up kind of way," he says. Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras 2018 has been half speed mastered by Robert Smith and Tim Young at Metropolis Studios, London and is pressed on 180g double vinyl.




  1. Three Imaginary Boys (Help Me Mix 2018)
  2. M (Attack Mix 2018)
  3. The Drowning Man (Bright Birds Mix 2018)
  4. A Strange Day (Drowning Waves Mix 2018)
  5. Just One Kiss (Remember Mix 2018)
  6. Shake Dog Shake (New Blood Mix 2018)
  7. A Night Like This (Hello Goodbye Mix 2018)
  8. Like Cockatoos (Lonely In The Rain Mix 2018)
  • LP2
  1. Plainsong (Edge Of The World Mix 2018)
  2. Never Enough (Time To Kill Mix 2018)
  3. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea (Love In Vain Mix 2018)
  4. Want (Time Mix 2018)
  5. The Last Day Of Summer (31st August Mix 2018)
  6. Cut Here (If Only Mix 2018)
  7. Lost (Found Mix 2018)
  8. It's Over (Whisper Mix 2018)

The Cure - Torn Down - (Mixed up extras 2018, 180g vinyl 2PC LP)

SKU: 603497858507