2002's By The Way is the the Red Chili Peppers' double platinum-certified eighth studio effort and follow-up to their Grammy-nominated 1999 smash Californication. Produced by frequent collaborator Rick Rubin, the emotionally charged By The Way finds the band as tight and cohesive as ever with their unique blend of funk and in-your-face punk-rock given a more melodic twist on standout material like "By the Way," "The Zephyr Song," "Can't Stop," "Dosed" and "Universally Speaking." A dynamic departure from previous efforts the band noted that, "the music on this record has expanded our space and made us bigger.




1. By The Way 
2. Universally Speaking 
3. This Is The Place 
4. Dosed 
5. Don't Forget Me 
6. The Zephyr Song 
7. Can't Stop 
8. I Could Die For You

1. Midnight 
2. Throw Away Your Television 
3. Cabron 
4. Tear 
5. On Mercury 
6. Minor Thing 
7. Warm Tape 
8. Venice Queen

Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way..(2PC) (L.P.)

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