Originally released in 1994, Kylie Minogue represents the fun '90s pop acts had in absorbing an increasingly diverse range of influences ­ from house and ambient to Balearic and R&B. Beloved by perfect pop fans, this is Kylie's most sought ­after record; finding a decent copy on vinyl will set you back well over $200.

Signposting another left turn in Be With Records' ‘baffling roster', the label proudly present this album's first ever vinyl reissue as a deluxe special edition. Righting the wrongs of its initial release, the album now stretches out over two pieces of 180-gram vinyl and is presented in a sumptuous gatefold jacket, allowing the iconic Rankin portraits of an empowered, self­ aware popstar room to breathe.

After phenomenal chart success in the late-80s and early-90s with the PWL hit factory, Kylie desired greater artistic freedom and critical credibility. Her move to dance music label deConstruction, and its commendable hands­ off attitude, marked this profound shift in thinking and enabled the singer to make the album she really wanted. Indeed, Kylie Minogue is a sophisticated collection of stylish songs that elegantly reference new jack swing, R&B ballads, ambient pop and piano house.

String­ drenched epic "Confide In Me" (produced by acclaimed dance duo Brothers in Rhythm) confidently sets the tone whilst "Surrender," a seductive sunset slow jam, unwittingly anticipates the voguish Balearic pop of the past decade. Jazzy pop­ R&B groovers keep things moving but it's the masterful "Put Yourself In My Place" ­ in all its understated melancholy ­that stops listeners in their tracks. Widely regarded as her finest down tempo moment, the monster single recalled late 80s American R&B but, having never received a proper vinyl release, its inclusion here is worth the price of admission alone. 

Further orchestral ballads, subtly cinematic pieces and minor key house tracks (with the involvement of the Pet Shop Boys and acid house stalwarts Farley & Heller) serve to complete an assured collage of accessible yet resolutely eclectic ‘perfect pop'.



 1. Confide In Me
2. Surrender
3. If I Was Your Lover
4. Where Is The Feeling
5. Put Yourself In My Place
6. Dangerous Game
7. Automatic Love
8. Where Has The Love Gone?
9. Falling
10. Time Will Pass You By

Kylie Minogue - Kylie Minogue (LP)

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