Live 1980/86 is a fascinating 22-track, double live LP comprising material recorded during four Joe Jackson tours including the 1980 Beat Crazy tour, the 1982-83 Night and Day Tour, the 1984 Body and Soul tour and the 1986 Big World tour. These knockout performances took place in Manchester, Utrecht, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver and Tokyo and capture Jackson at different phases of his songwriting career, each time using a new backing band. "...For me the live concert has always been the most real and vital communication between artist and audience: the moment of truth," explained Jackson. "Having said that, I've always hated live albums, mostly they sound like the original records, sped up a bit, with a lot of echo added. So when it came to compiling this one I applied two rules. Firstly, it would be a real live record; nothing would be re-recorded, overdubbed, or fixed. And secondly, it would be devoted to the reworkings of songs, the spontaneous moments, anything that made those concerts something different and apart from the records." 




  1. One To One
  2. I'm The Man
  3. Beat Crazy
  4. Is She Really Going Out With Him?
  5. Don't Wanna Be Like That
  6. Got The Time
  7. On Your Radio
  8. Fools In Love
  9. Cancer
  10. Is She Really Going Out With Him? (A Cappella Version)
  11. Look Sharp!
  • LP2
  1. Sunday Papers
  2. Real Men
  3. Is She Really Going Out With Him? (Acoustic Version)
  4. Memphis
  5. A Slow Song
  6. Be My Number Two
  7. Breaking Us In Two
  8. It's Different For Girls
  9. You Can't Get What You Want ('Til You Know What You Want)
  10. Jumpin' Jive
  11. Steppin' Out

Joe Jackson - Live 1980 / 1986

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