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Eminem Curtain Call: The Hits on 2x Vinyl LP!  

Eminem's four studio albums shattered so many sales records that you might think just about every man, woman and gerbil on the planet already owns a bulk of the songs that make up this greatest hits collection. But Curtain Call presents the perfect opportunity to have another look at the life of Marshall Mathers. Starting out in the vein of the Beastie Boys and Slick Rick, he grafted filthy verses over bubbly nursery rhyme melodies and primitive Casio beats to come up with comical singles like 'My Name Is' and 'Real Slim Shady.' Then angst and reflection set in, resulting in rare moments of vulnerability ('Lose Yourself') and a richer musical experience ('Stan'). The three new tracks reflect the entire spectrum, with 'When I'm Gone,' a bittersweet goodbye letter, signaling the raw emotion and youthful enthusiasm of his early days have substantially faded, while 'Fack' counters that the Detroit rapper still has the dirtiest mouth in the business.



1. Intro   
2. Fack   
3. The Way I Am   
4. My Name Is   
5. Stan   
6. Lose Yourself   
7. Shake That   
8. Sing For The Moment   
9. Without Me   
10. Like Toy Soldiers   
11. The Real Slim Shady   
12. Mockingbird   
13. Guilty Conscience   
14. Cleanin' Out My Closet   
15. Just Lose It   
16. When I'm Gone   
17. Stan (Live)   

Eminem - Curtain Call - The Hits 2LP

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