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After a four year hiatus, Grammy Award-nominated, multiplatinum hard rock titans Disturbed return with their sixth studio album, Immortalized. The upcoming release follows 2010’s gold-certified AsylumDisturbed’s fourth consecutive #1 on the Billboard Top 200, and the group’s subsequent four-year hiatus, which gave members David Draiman [vocals], Dan Donegan [guitar], Mike Wengren [drums], and John Moyer [bass] the necessary reprieve to make this imminent and deliberate return. In January 2014, Draiman, Donegan, and Wengren met for dinner in their hometown of Chicago. Shortly thereafter, without notifying friends, families, or their label, the three began to fly back and forth to each other’s respective home studios for writing sessions, marking the beginnings of Immortalized and the first time they collectively wrote together since 2001. “For this album, everything was written in the same room,” Draiman remarks. “It was wonderful experiencing how it used to be back in the day for us. That became apparent in the material, whether it was the passion of the performance, the power being harnessed, or the feelings evoked. We could feel the difference.”




1.   The Eye Of The Storm

2.   Immortalized

3.   The Vengeful One

4.   Open Your Eyes

5.   The Light 

6.   What Are You Waiting For

7.   You're Mine

8.   Who

9.   Save Our Last Goodbye

10.  Fire It Up

11.  The Sound Of Silence

12.  Never Wrong

13.  Who Taught You How To Hate

Disturbed - Immortalized

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