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Born for This Moment captures the true heart of Chicago at their full creative capacity. From the undeniable swing of the lead single "If This Is Goodbye" to the unbreakable bonds of "For the Love" to the deeply personal storytelling of "Safe Harbours," the patriarchal aspirations of "Make a Man Outta Me, " the romantic reveries of "If This Isn't Love," and the sultry flare of "Firecracker," it's quite clear the collective force of nature that is Chicago is indeed alive and well


1. Born For This Moment /

2. If This Is Goodbye /

3. Firecracker /

4. Someone Needed Me The Most /

5. Safer Harbours


Disc 1 - Side B

1. Our New York Time /

2. Make A Man Outta Me /

3. Crazy Idea /

4. You've Got To Believe /

5. For The Love


Disc 2 - Side A

1. She's Right /
2. House On The Hill /
3. If This Isn't Love /
4. "The Mermaid" Sereia Do Mar




Chicago - Born For This Moment (Gold Vinyl)LP

SKU: 4050538811759

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