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Boy George and the Culture Club's New "Life"

At last, it's coming out!

Boy George and his crew's new album is coming out on October 26. After few missteps and false starts, the band is finally releasing their latest album titled "Life."

Life is the band's first studio album since 1999. According to Boy George, he intends to use the materials in this album as a solo effort, but he changed his mind as he realized that the songs in this album are much better with his Culture Club crew.

He is right as according to him, the tunes came out with a strong "culture club" flavor as evidenced by their trademark mix of soul, reggae and rock and roll.

He said:

"I just feel that we've made an album that we've been trying to make maybe since (1983's quadruple-platinum) Colour By Numbers," George adds. "It's funny when you say it sounds very Culture Club; We do often say that about tracks. But it just feels looser. It's very catchy. The songs are really strong, really melodic. It just has an ease about it that I really like."

To give their songs an updated treatment, they invited some contemporary producers to polish their materials. Case in point is the song "Let Somebody Love You" which was produced by UK duo Future Cut. The said song is a reggae-infused pop song with captivating horns and nimble rhythm section complemented by Boy George's familiar voice.

The album will be available in alll known formats; 2 LP Vinyl, CD and Cassettes. It will be available from Plaka Express Record Store in the Philippines by Nov 1st, 2018.

Check out this song:

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